PTO Board/Committee Opportunities Available – Get Involved!

The PTO needs your help in filling the following open PTO Board and Committee positions.  If you are interested in any of the positions below or have questions, please contact our PTO President, Tiffany deSilva, at


Davis Middle School

Open Board/Committee Positions and Job Descriptions


  • Serve as Vice-President and act as an aide to the President or Co-Presidents.
  • The following year this person or persons shall serve as President or Co-Presidents.
  • Preside in the absence of the President or Co-Presidents.
  • Handle newspaper publicity for the organization
  • Coordinate activities with community service organizations as approved by the PTO board.
  • Serve as parliamentarian, coordinating any updates to the by-laws and standing rules.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the President or Co-Presidents.

Academic Boosters

  • Collect order forms
  • Order academic Davis Scholar Signs

Staff Appreciation Committee

  • Coordinates Parent Teacher Conference Dinners (November and January)
  • Coordinates Staff Appreciation Luncheons (August and May)

PERC (Parents Encouraging Responsible Choices) Representative

  • Help plan PERC events
  • Meet on the 3rdWednesday of each month at 9:30 am at the Dublin Administration Building

Community Outreach Committee

  • Coordinates activities and event sales for Fall Festival in October
  • Coordinates activities and event sales for Arts and Music Festival in April
  • Coordinates cookie socials for open house in August and selected concert dates

Fall Fundraiser Committee

  • Choose fall fundraiser
  • Coordinate prep for fall fundraiser
  • Coordinate kick-off
  • Coordinate collection of funds raised
  • Coordinate payout of prize incentives

Nominating Committee

  • Two member-at-large appointments begin in February
  • The nominating committee shall select one nominee fore each position of the Executive Committee to be filled
  • Committee provides updates at all future general meetings prior to election in May.


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FREE MONEY FOR DAVIS PTO with your Kroger Card!

NOTE – our Organization number has changed this year – so please reregister!!

If you already shop at Kroger, you can earn free money for Davis PTO just by registering your Kroger Card to Davis MS PTO! !

Remember, you have to renew every spring!!

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Davis Savings Books – Off to a Great Start!

The annual Davis Savings Book Fundraiser is off to a great start! It is obvious that our students have been working very hard to make it a success! Keep up the great work!
Our next turn-in date is Friday 9/14/18 during 3rd period. Students will be able to turn in money collected and pick up additional books to sell over the weekend.
The final date to turn in money and receive cash prizes or gift cards is Monday 9/17/18.
Sell 20 books by the turn-in date — receive $100 cash
Sell 15 books by the turn-in date — receive $50 cash
Sell 10 books by the turn-in date — receive $25 cash
Sell   5 books by the turn-in date — receive $10 gift card
Thank you very much for your support! Go Irish!
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August PTO Meeting Minutes

If you couldn’t make the August PTO meeting, we missed you!  But to keep you in the loop, take a read through the meeting minutes below:

Davis MS PTO Meeting Minutes

August 22, 2018 12:00 pm 


Tracey Deagle, Tiffany deSilva, Renea Dunmire, Noreen Marando, Leanne Evans, Amy Starnes, Christina Goodwin, Asch Mikhail, Jennifer Talley, Ashley Oliver

Principal’s Report – Tracey Deagle

  • Deagle shared very positive State test data improvement.
  • All students improved in English Language Arts and Math State tests.
  • Deagle shared this data along with improved discipline data with the students during the second week of school. The kids were very proud of hearing of their success and improvement!
  • MAP data – Language Arts and Math – every student on average exceeded their anticipated growth over the course of last year.
  • 8thGrade students will take the PSAT in the spring.

Treasurer’s Report– Renea Dunmire

  • Budget for 2018-2019 school year presented. In addition Renee presented the Performance to Budget for last year.
  • There are not dances in middle school – trying to do more during the day where all students can participate. We would have at most 30% in attendance.  We also wanted to incorporate more family / community activities (Fall Festival / Art Show)
  • 6thgrade trip is being replaced with 3 daytime field trips.

Committee Reports – Committee Leaders

  • Hospitality – back to school luncheon went very well. Teachers were very grateful!

President’s Report – Tiffany deSilva

  • Annual Fundraiser
    • Savings Book fundraiser goes to athletics, performance and related arts.
    • Kicks of August 31st. Kids will bring home coupon books to sell.  Goal is for every child to sell 20 books. Savings Book fundraiser goes to Athletics, Performance Arts, Related Arts.
    • We need volunteers for collection days Sept 10th, 12th, 14th, 17th. A signup genius will be sent out and posted to the PTO blow –
  • Ongoing fundraisers
    • Boxtops (students give to home room teacher). Be sure to download app for bonus box tops.
    • Kroger rewards – new ID.Email will be sent out.
    • Giant Eagle.
  • Review of Executive Board and Committee Leadership Status – Open positions discussed:
    • Co treasurer – Asch volunteered
    • Co president
    • Academic boosters – creating flyer to send home to students that have met a certain GPA – collect the forms, order signs
    • Staff Appreciation – parent teacher conference dinners, lunches at beginning and end of the school year
    • Community Outreach Coordinator – organization of Fall Festival and Art Show related activities
    • Library coordinator – need volunteers
    • Store volunteers
    • 6thgrade dance club
    • Fundraising committee – to look forward to next year
    • Spaghetti dinner – people that can get donations for the silent auction
  • Upcoming events
    • Open House – August 29 Cookies set up in the media center
    • Fundraiser Kick-off – August 31
  • Other / Open to the Floor
    • Noreen Marando encouraged people to learn more about the upcoming Levy for Dublin City Schools by visiting the District website and visiting


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Davis PTO Annual Fundraiser – Volunteers Needed

Our Annual Fall Fundraiser to help support our related arts and athletics departments kicks off on August 31st!
Our students are selling local discount books but we could use your help with collecting/counting money raised and distributing more books to our students on the turn in dates.
If you are interested in volunteering to help, please sign up below.
Thanks for your support!
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Don’t Forget – PTO Meeting Tomorrow

Davis PTO Meeting – tomorrow!!

Wednesday, August 22nd

12:00 Noon

pto meeting image

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Committee Members Needed

Are you interested in getting more involved at Davis?  Below are some great opportunities where we still need volunteers.  This is a great way to get involved in your child’s school.  If you have any interest in helping out with any of the committees below, please contact our PTO President, Tiffany DeSilva at

  • Academic Boosters (yard signs)
  • 8th Grade Breakfast (at the end of the year)
  • Hospitality/Staff Appreciation
  • Events/Event Sales (Fall Festival, Art Show, Concert Socials)
  • Spaghetti Dinner
  • Library Volunteer Coordinator

Many hands make for light work!  Thanks for your consideration!


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