Teachers Helping Teachers

teachers helping teachers foundation

The Teachers Helping Teachers Foundation was established by the family of Teresa Francois to recognize and provide support to the teachers, staff, and students at Davis Middle School.  

About Teresa Francois 

Since 2010, Teresa has been a substitute teacher at Davis.  During this time, she has had a positive impact on the lives of many of the staff and students.  Members of the Davis family describe her as a thoughtful, kind, caring, compassionate and positive member of the team.  She truly embodies the “Irish Way” and is not thought of as “just a sub” because other teachers respect her, and the administration knows that she can do anything asked of her.  “The constant laughing, joking and funny family stories makes any day that Teresa is in the building a great day”.

Foundation Funds  

The Foundation will support the teachers, administration, and PTO of Davis Middle School.  Funds will be used to enhance the learning opportunities for students, for staff appreciation, and for student support and recognition.

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