6th Grade Shamrockin’ Dance Club Form

I’m plagiarizing Dr Deagle’s Weekly Wednesday message, but it’s true.  “If you would like for your student to improve their: basic etiquette skills, social skills, communication skills and dancing confidence- consider the Dance Club!”

Hey SIXTH graders … Are you ready for some fun?  Register for the Shamrockin’ Dance Club, a PTO‑sponsored activity just for you!  Once a week for four weeks, you’ll go to one of the four Dublin middle schools for really fun dance lessons from a professional dance instructor.  You’ll have a great time learning both social dancing and ballroom dancing, as well as proper etiquette and good social skills.  Gift Cards will be raffled each week!  After all the lessons are done, there will be a Dance Party where you’ll get to show off your dancing skills (and your manners)!  Everyone will have a shamrockin’ good time!

The sign-up form is attached (PDF) at the bottom of this post.

Since many have not received the hard copies that were sent home, we’re extending the early sign-up incentive until the 28th.

6th Grade Shamrockin Club Form

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