November PTO Unofficial Meeting Minutes


Below are the unofficial meeting minutes from our November PTO Meeting.  These minutes will be brought to the next meeting for formal approval.

November 18,2015 PTO Meeting Minutes

Members Present

Daniel Zupnick, Satish Pattisam, Noreen Marando, Melissa Smilonich, Teri Absher, Leanne Evans, Tamie Snyder

Staff Present

Jason Snyder (Asst Principal), Elizabeth Stutz (Guidance)

Meeting Began at 12:00 noon

Principal’s Report – Jason Snyder

  • Community outreach events have had a great turnout. Next one is December 8th 12:00 noon at Bruegger’s Bagels (161 / Riverside).
  • Davis Give Back Week is going on right now. Collecting toiletries for families as a school and other events going on as well. The building hopes to have another week later in the school year.
  • Winter decoration of the courtyard is taking place this Sunday from 11 – 1. Decoration donations (lights etc.) are welcome.

Treasurer’s report – Satish Pattisam

  • Chocolate sale is complete
    • Net earnings $30,073 (excluding prizes). We have some additional chocolate estimated at $1800 that will be sold at school events.
    • The event organizers worked with the company to offset chocolate taken home but not returned or money recouped.
    • $14K of proceeds will go to Athletics in addition to any additional chocolate sales going forward (above).
  • Spanish books – Need to make a note to look at this process for next year – potentially having parents purchase this directly online or have the staff process the ordering (this is how other PTOs handle it).
  • Grants
    • Grant for Chrome books was placed (this expense was reviewed / approved last year).
    • Next Grant review process will take place in February.
  • $2100 for BrainPop was paid. Going forward we will not have this expense per T. Deagle.
  • Band Shirts
    • The Band/Music director organizes this effort. Satish and Daniel will be following up on current needs as well as open issues / process going forward.
  • Teri Absher made a motion to approve the Variance Report, Leanne Evans seconded. All were in favor.

Secretary’s report – Noreen Marando

  • Review of October meeting minutes.
  • Melissa Smilonich made a motion to approve the October minutes, Teri Absher seconded. All were in favor.

Committee Reports – Daniel Zupnick, Committee Leaders

  • School Store (Tamie Snyder) – we are down to having the store open 1 day a week. Selling mainly pencils and erasers.
  • Staff Appreciation (Melissa Smilonich) – Report on conference night dinner – it was greatly appreciated by the staff. A busy night of activities kept volunteers for cleanup low.
  • Daniel presented Mindy Yocum as Co-President for the remainder of the 2015-16 school year and next school. Teri Absher made a motion to approve this recommendation. Leanne Evans seconded the motion. All were in favor, none opposed.
  • We are looking for a Treasurer to begin learning the process now as Satish will not being doing the position next year.
  • We are still looking for someone to run Walk-a-thon this school year (event is in April/May – exact date tbd). Guidance coordinates this event with PTO. Elizabeth Stutz volunteered to communicate with anyone interested. It is a very small time commitment.

President’s Report – Daniel Zupnick

  • The group had a conversation surrounding PTO Communications (emails, pto blog etc.). Daniel is going to investigate how many people are actually looking at the emails being sent. We have roughly 175 people actively subscribed to the PTO blog.
  • District has posted a 5 year financial forecast on the website. There is an excellent presentation out there for review. The current financial plan allows us to stretch the last levy out 6 years (instead of the originally thought 3 years!!)!
  • Upcoming events
    • Thanksgiving Break – Wednesday November 25 – Friday November 27
    • Spaghetti Dinner – Friday December 4
    • PTO Meeting – Wednesday December 16
    • Winter Break – Monday December 21 – Friday January 1

Meeting completed at 1:00 pm


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