January PTO Meeting Minutes

Below is a recap from the PTO meeting held last week.  These minutes will be formally reviewed and approved at the next PTO Meeting (Wednesday February 17th 12:00 – 1:00 pm):

Davis MS PTO Meeting Minutes

Wednesday January 20, 2015

Members Present

Daniel Zupnick, Satish Pattisam, Noreen Marando, Melissa Smilonich, Leanne Evans, Renea Dunmire, Anna O’Connor

Staff Present

Cheryl Angel (Media Center Specialist), Tracy Deagle (Principal), Jason Snyder (Assistant Principal)

Meeting Began at 12:05 noon 

Media Center Presentation – Cheryl Angel (Media Center Specialist)

  • 3 phases to the Media Center
    • Phase 1 – COMPLETE
      • Collaborative workspace to the right of the center desk
      • Used frequently by individual students and classes
    • Phase 2
      • Space to the left of the center desk
      • Will be transformed from it’s current state to a “digital maker space”
    • Phase 3
      • Larger open space area of the center
      • Still to be fully designed
  • Changes to media center prompted by the following:
    • Shift in education from being not just consumers of information to being creators with the information provided.
    • Dublin IT Academy (at the High School) – first year for this academy. Students attend ½ of classes where they learn to code/program. When they graduate from HS they will have 14 credit hours from Columbus State.       Open to all Dublin students but housed at Dublin Scioto High School.
    • Our job is to grow Thinkers – kids that ask questions, collaborate, create and innovate, persevere, think flexibly, and present ideas with confidence.
    • Teachers have moved to more “Problem Based / Project Based Learning”. Students need to take their learning and apply it and present the information in a new and creative way.
    • Maker Spaces are popping up all over the place – a place where young people can explore their own interests, learn to use tools and materials both physical and virtual and develop creative projects.
  • Phase 2 Discussion:
    • Goal of Phase 2 – define space and provide tools that give students opportunities to explore and learn in ways that promote thinking skills.
    • Students might come during their classes to use the space; during study center time; girls coding program will use the space.
    • Space will be in line with vision of the District
    • Phase 2 Budget:
      • Total cost $9,382
      • Secured funds $4,382
      • Pending PTO $2,000 (allotted in the current budget)
      • Pending DEF Grant $3,000
    • Pending funding Phase 2 could be completed by or near Spring Break timeframe


Principal’s Report – Dr. Tracey Deagle

  • In conversations with Central office to bring gifted services model to the middle school level. As this effort progresses, a parent meeting will take place.

Treasurer’s report – Satish Pattisam

  • $47,000 in Savings and $3,000 in Checking as of the meeting.
  • Reviewed expenses.
  • Anna O. made a motion to submit report; Leanne E. seconded the motion; All were in favor.

Secretary’s report – Noreen Marando

  • November meeting minutes reviewed.
  • Leanne E made motion to submit November minutes; Renea D. seconded the motion; All were in favor.

Committee Reports – Daniel Zupnick, Committee Leaders

  • Renea D. has volunteered to take Treasurer responsibilities for the coming year.       Next month an official vote will take place.
  • Theresa Whealdon and Melissa S. have met on the PTO Sponsored Canteen
    • DJ is set
    • Looking into photo booth options. PTO agreed to cover the expense of the photo booth – allowing all kids to get a picture taken.
    • Looking for prize donations from local businesses.
    • We need close to 20 parent chaperones that night. Melissa will create a sign up for the event.

President’s Report – Daniel Zupnick

Upcoming events

  • Wednesday February 3 – parent/teacher conference night
  • Thursday February 11 – PERC event – Bully-Proofing Youth
  • Friday February 12 – PTO-sponsored Canteen
  • Monday February 15 – no school, Presidents Day
  • Friday April 29th – Walkathon

Meeting adjourned at 1:05 pm.



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