March PTO Meeting Minutes

The following minutes are the unofficial notes from the PTO meeting held on Wednesday March 16th.

Davis MS PTO

Meeting Minutes

Wednesday March 16, 2016

Members Present

Daniel Zupnick, Satish Pattisam, Noreen Marando, Leeanne Evans, Renea Dunmire

Staff Present

Jason Snyder (Assistant Principal)

Meeting Began at 12:05 noon

Principal’s Report – Jason

  • Shawn Mallory won the Golden Shamrock award on Monday night at the District Board Meeting
  • 11 students nominated for living the Irish Way (we have 14 total)
  • Master planning meeting tonight at Davis at 7 pm
  • 8th Grade Graduation date change – made to be consistent with the other middle schools. The date will be Friday, June 3rd (from the last day of school – Monday, June 6th)

Treasurer’s report – Satish

  • We have $46,399 in savings and $4,495 in checking
  • Review of the transactions for the month. Leeanne made a motion to submit the financials, Renea seconded the motion. All were in favor.
  • The Davis PTO funds a scholarship for a graduating student that attended Davis. The applications have been received (28 total).
  • Teacher Grants – review submitted grants, discuss recommendations for April’s meeting
    • We received 3 grant requests. Will review 2 at this meeting.
    • Grant 1: Replace Crash Mats for Physical Education for $1396
    • Grant 2: Scholastic Scope Magazine for 6th grade Language Arts Teachers for $296.97
    • Grant 3: Media Center Phase III – not going to submit as a grant request. In the budget today we have $2000 set aside to support Phase II of the media center. To date, we have spent $5000 on the media center. The PTO and Principal will discuss how the PTO can support the larger project going forward and to what amount. More details will be brought to the PTO meetings, as information is available.

Secretary’s report – Noreen

  • Review of February meeting minutes. Leeanne made a motion to submit the minutes, Renea seconded the motion. All were in favor.

President’s Report – Daniel

  • PTO Presidents meeting notes
    • 10 year student enrollment projection – an additional of 2000-3000 new students expected
  • Volunteer breakfast in May
  • Upcoming events
    • March 16 7:00 p.m. – Master Planning meeting @ Davis
    • March 21-25 – No school, spring break
    • April 1 – Dodgeball Tournament at Scioto

Meeting adjourned at 12:45 pm.


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