September Davis PTO Meeting Minutes

Davis MS PTO Meeting Minutes

September 25, 2019 7:00 pm


Attendees:  Natalie Rich, Clifford Rich, Ginger Kockentiet, Asch Mikhail, Ann Perez, Jason Snyder, Tiffany Marr, Tiffany deSilva, Tisha Rinker, Julie Felts, Noreen Marando

Principal’s Report—Ann Perez

  • We have 1044 students in the building which creates some space challenges and hallway congestion. We continue to look for ways to mitigate these challenges.  Counselors have done a great job of balancing the classrooms to be at 27 or below.
  • We have a many student opportunities at Davis that many people are not aware:
    • Junior Teen Institute (feeds into Teen Institute at Scioto)
    • National Junior Honor Society (only middle school in the district to have a NJHS chapter)
    • Girls Who Code Club
    • Davis Difference (6th graders celebrating learning differences)
    • Yearbook Club
    • Math Counts (competition club)
    • Davis Singers
    • Drama Club
    • Davis Alliance (gender identity and fitting in)
    • The Rox (Ruling our Experiences)
    • Power of the Pen (7th and 8th graders)
    • Irish Way Advisory (student voice in the building)
    • Dublin Food Pantry and Our Own Davis Food Pantry (to discretely provide nourishment to food insecure kids over the weekends)
    • Interact
    • Fiddle Fusion

Secretary’s Report—Noreen Marando

  • Noreen presented the minutes from the August meeting. Natlie Rich made a motion to approve the minutes.  Clifford Rich seconded the motion.  All were in favor.

Treasurer’s Report—Asch Mikhail, Ginger Kockentiet

  • Current balances:
    • Checking $19,781.14
    • Savings $31,422.93
  • Review of 2019/20 budget items / updates

President’s Report – Tiffany deSilva

  • Review of Executive Board and Committee Leadership Status. We have some committee positions that will need to be filled next year (current volunteer will no longer have a student at Davis.).  Tiffany and Tiffany to work on a descriptive list of positions to post to the website. Annual Fall Fundraiser
  • Fall Fundraiser/Dance-a-thon update:
    • 29% participation as of the date of the meeting
    • $19,457 raised to date
    • Last day for donations is October 4th
    • 99Pledges – the online donation tool – will take 10% of online donations as their fee (this was the best / most convenient tool)
  • Outreach and Engagement
    • Fall Festival is set for October 24th. We will need volunteers – look for a signup.
    • Meet and Greet Spirit Wear Winner – Zaria was the winner guessing 363 candies (the correct amount was 362!)

Upcoming events

  • No School—October 11
  • PTO Meeting—October 16 Noon
  • Fall Festival – October 24
  • Parent Teacher Conferences/PTO Sponsored Dinner – October 30

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05

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