Last Davis PTO Meeting Minutes

Davis MS PTO Meeting

May 13, 2020 at 7:00PM

Meeting Minutes



Tiffany Marr, Tiffany deSilva, Noreen Marando, Ann Perez, Marty Assman, Ann Starnes, Jason Snyder, Asch Mikhail, Holli Berry, Ginger Kockentiet, Leanne Evans, Elain Spielberg, Nasha Williams, Jennifer Talley, Jeff Timmons, Craig Haywood, Mark Matter

Secretary’s Report—Noreen Marando

  • Noreen presented the April PTO meeting minutes
  • Ann made a motion to approve, Jason seconded, All were in favor

President’s Report – Tiffany deSilva

  • Thank you to the Board and everyone that stepped up to help out. A special thanks to the following people:
    • Maria Dishop – 6th grade mom – super huge help for the danceathon
    • Kim DeAngelo – great photos this year!
    • Amy Starnes – great volunteering
    • Leanne Evans – walkathon volunteer
    • Melanie Gamez – for doing spirit wear for many years
    • Tamie Snyder – library and store coordinator for many years
  • Board Member Elections
    • Jennifer Talley was presented as the slated Secretary for next year. Vote was taken, all were in favor.
    • Vice President / President Elect Board position is still open if anyone is interested.
  • Review of Executive Board and Committee Leadership Status:


President/Co-President Tiffany Marr
Vice President/President-Elect OPEN
Secretary Jennifer Talley
Treasurer/Co-Treasurer Aschraf Mikhail
Co-Treasurer Ginger Kockentiet
Past President/Advisor Tiffany deSilva
Academic Boosters Tiffany Thum, Justi Morse
Beautification Ann Perez/Jill Polchow
Box Tops OPEN
8th Grade Celebration Amy Starnes
Hospitality Coordinator (SA,CO) Tiffany deSilva
Staff Appreciation OPEN
Community Outreach Amy Starnes
Library Volunteer Coordinator OPEN
Scholarship Committee Tisha Rinker, Tiffany Marr et. al.
PERC Representative Leanne Evans, Jennifer Talley
School Store Robyn Shay
School Supply Sale Nasha Williams
6th Grade Dance Club Jennifer Landrine
Spirit Wear Melanie Gamez
Walkathon OPEN
Fall Fundraiser OPEN
Give Back Week Jennifer Talley


  • Transition to take place by June 30
  • Any interest in open positions – please reach out to

Treasurer’s Report– Ginger Kockentiet, Asch Mikhail

  • 2018-19 FY Audit took place (Jennifer Talley was the volunteer auditor) – huge task, very much appreciated. She provided recommendations.  She will do the audit again this summer for this past fiscal year – should be much easier.  Asch and Ginger will be reviewing the financial procedures for next year.
  • Current Balances: Checking – $13,333.83, Savings – $31,427.64
  • A few outstanding checks that were recently written
  • Due to current situation we were not able to fund raise at the end of the year (e.g. Walkathon – anticipated Income $6000).At the same time, anticipated expenses did not take place (e.g. $5000 to support the DC trip).  Current anticipated net income is roughly $20,000 under budget, and current anticipated net expense is $21,000 under budget.
  • We are going to have to review budget for next year based on what we think will happen with events for in the fall.

Committee Reports – Committee Leaders

  • Arts and Music Festival (Canceled)
  • Walkathon (Canceled)
  • Staff/Teacher Appreciation (5/4-5/8)
    • We held a virtual luncheon for staff providing $10 meals to Sunny Street Café (51 staff members participated out of 137)
    • We created and sent out a thank you video
    • Staff really appreciated both
  • School Supply Sale
    • Leanne set up sale – can order now through June 5 – school code is 9625 – already have 30 orders
  • Academic Boosters
    • Signs were ordered and order forms did go into mailbox, however this was right about the time in person school was closing. Some orders may have been sent back in to school.  Administrators will look for any orders that might have come in and will report back.
  • Summer Reading
    • If there is a need for PTO to help kids get summer reading books, PTO would like to help. Marty will forward information on what might be needed to PTO to see if there is a way to help.
  • 8th Grade Completion Celebration
    • 8th grade completion signs available for $6 – not a fundraiser – if you are interested you can contact

Principal’s Report – Dr. Ann Perez

  • End of year completion
    • 4 Middle schools have collaborated to find the best way to honor our students
      • In lieu of 8th grade completion ceremony – a handwritten card will be sent to every student. In addition, a tribute video is being created from teachers, adminsitrators (including Tracey Deagle) and Bob Scott from Scioto.  Plan is to send out next week.
      • Principal awards – typically party of assembly – these will be mailed
      • NJHS certificates and membership cards will also be mailed
      • Awards assembly for the legacy awards will take place via zoom/google meet call.
      • Living the Irish Way awards – video has been completed – will go out the same day they are getting their awards in the mail
      • Each grade is also trying to do some activities with the kids at the end of the year.
      • All grading ends on the 19th – Almost all students are passing
    • Irish Challenges have been really fun
  • Tshirts for incoming 6th graders will come in the fall. This is great because we get quite a few move in students over the summer – no one will be missed.  We anticipate 371 6th graders next year.
  • Ann expressed gratitude to everyone for welcoming her to the building / district this year, and for supporting the administrative team. “We are so lucky we have such a vibrant pto that supports our school.”
  • Staff has a Wellness program in place that involves earning healthy points that go towards a Kroger Gift Cards. Cards were just announced and 75% of those staff members at Davis that received a card donated it to families in need.  Just short of $5000 donated!
  • Please reach out at any time to the Administrators with any questions or concerns.
  • Question raised – Does PTO do anything for retiring teachers? We do not have anything formally established for that.
  • Picking up and dropping off items
    • Monday May 18th for books (library or classroom). Place items in a bag with the student’s name and the teachers name on it.
    • Music teachers have reached out to those with instruments that need to be returned.
    • All lockers have been emptied out and those with items have been put in bags and people have been contacted.
    • Artwork to be returned for 8th graders (they have been contacted).
    • All 6th and 7th grade artwork will be returned in the fall.
    • Lost and Found items are being handled on an ad hoc basis – contact the office.
    • If a 2nd dates is needed after May 18th, it will be communicated via email.

Tiffany Marr – a big thank you to Tiffany deSilva!

7:52 Meeting adjourned



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