We need YOUR support today!

Words from Davis parents, grateful for the opportunities given their children:   

“Few things build unity between a diverse group more than the collective drive to achieve as a team, and the Dublin Davis Sports program is a model of that endeavor with a great athletic director, dedicated coaches and staff, involved parents, and engaged student participants.  As parents, we have impressed on our children the importance of stellar academics, but without the Davis Sports program, they would not be the well-rounded young adults they are today.”      –Brett and Katie 

Give to the UNFundraiser TODAY. 

SQUARE       https://checkout.square.site/pay/0fc50a8a51b44ce38d2398f680b2b55f

99PLEDGES         https://app.99pledges.com/fund/thedavisun

Support your child and community with one donation.  There’s only EIGHT days to go!

Will you be one of the lucky donors to receive the Surprise-Surprise today? Hop on it for your chance to win a free Davis spirit item by donating today!

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