Thank You DAVIS!!!

$11,677 Raised!

Davis Families,

This is our FINAL UNFundraiser message for the year (Whoo-hoo!). Thank You, THANK YOU for your support! Your generosity has been nothing short of amazing! I knew our “super powers” were a force to be reckoned with! 😉

If you crammed during finals week and still made an “A” or you do your best work at the 11th hour 😀, the platforms are still open just for you – but only until 11:59p on Saturday, October 10th. Links are below. Enjoy!


I’d like to shout an extra special “THANK YOU!” to those who were unwavering in their efforts behind the scenes to bring the UNFundraiser to life!


Elaine Spielberg 
Jill Polchow
Jennifer Talley 
Ginger Kockentiet 
Melinda Norfleet
Dr. Ann Perez
Jason Snyder
Helena Richards
John Bernans 
Susann Blair-Ewing

We will be sure to share how your donations were used to benefit Davis Middle School students and staff.

Happy Thursday! 🙂
Enjoy A Fantastic Weekend! 🥳

Tiffany Marr

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