October 2020 PTO Meeting Minutes

DMS PTO Meeting

October 28, 2020

Virtual Zoom Meeting 7 pm


(Sign in sheet not available as meeting was virtual.  Secretary recorded names that appeared on Zoom call)

Tiffany Marr, Ginger Kockentiet, Elaine Spielberg, Ann Perez, Jason Snyder, Josh & Stephanie Stinemetz, Anna, Andrea Chambers-Chrisp, Asch Mikhail, Brad deSilva, SJ Foster, Natalie Rich, Lulu, Julie H, Dinesh Patel, Jennifer Talley (18 total)

President’s Report – Tiffany Marr

Agenda, Icebreaker, Updates (UnFundraiser & Spiritwear), Partnerships UnFundraiser, Chat Q&A

Meeting called to order at 7 pm.  Tiffany welcomed everyone to the meeting.  She reviewed tonight’s agenda with the attendees.  

The PTO is looking to improve our partnerships with two groups.  The first being with our ELL parents. We want them to be able to be involved with our PTO and looking at how we provide translation.  We are also looking to partner with our local business.  We want to connect our parents with entrepreneurs in the Davis community with the families of 1100 students.  

Reminder to subscribe to our blog at dmspto.org – to get real time communications on activities.  Also you can follow us on various social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  We are also producing a monthly newsletter which is distributed on the Principals Friday email and also can be found on our blog under Newsletters.  

Tiffany also led us in an Ice Breaker!

Principal’s Report – Dr. Ann Perez

Dr. Perez reported that the first quarter has just been completed.  There are still students making up work from the first quarter and teachers are working with them.  The Trimester ends November 15th.  

November 3 is a Professional Development Day for the district with a focus on Equity.  Dr. Gholdy Muhammad will be the guest speaker to start the day off.  They will be sharing goals by building and during a book talk.    Davis has 35 teachers on the District Equity committee.  She is really impressed by the teacher’s engagement and commitment to making the lives better  for Davis students.    They will also be hearing from the Kirwin Institute on Bias Training.  

Remote Learning applications for the second semester will be available starting October 31.  Everything is electronic this time and everyone will have to apply.

Davis clubs have started including Irish Spotlight, Power of the Pen and Math Counts.

Conferences are Monday November 2 from 4-7 pm. Team Leaders should have sent out information to parents.

Secretary’s Report – Jennifer Talley

Jennifer presented the previous month’s meeting minutes for review and approval.  Tiffany shared the minutes with the group on the screen.  The minutes were also posted to our blog for review prior to this meeting.  No comments were made.  Minutes approved – 1st Dr. Perez, 2nd Asch Mikhail.

If you need to contact the PTO, remember you can email us at ptodavis@gmail.com

Treasurer’s Report –  Ginger Kockentiet and Asch Mikhail

Current balances for PTO Checking and Savings were shared with the group. We currently have $12,386.24 in checking and $31,430.27 in savings.  We target to maintain one years expenses in reserve in preparation for years when we might not raise as much money.

Asch commented that our budget planning was impacted this year by COVID – 19. We will be reviewing budget items in December for the second half of the year.  The PTO’s job is to help the Administration cover shortfalls that the school can’t provide funding to. For example, the school can’t give to athletics and they are especially impacted this year.  

Our fall fundraiser was successful in generating $12,385.05 for the PTO.  We have savings to cover a year like this when our opportunities to generate income are limited.  Other means to help with income this year include using Amazon Smile and Kroger rewards.  We did not make as much as normal with our school supply sale.

We will be offering Davis Spirit Wear this year through an online site and hope to raise funds this way.  The link will be available by Friday October 31 and communicated by our various social media sites.  There will be lots of choices available and ordering will occur through November 30. All items will ship directly to the purchaser.

Q & A – moderated by Tiffany Marr

Questions were posted to the Chat box on Zoom and also asked during conversation.


From Ann Perez to Everyone:  07:20 PM

https://dmspto.org/AMAZON SMILE:  Help raise money for Davis Middle School while shopping online with Amazon!  Follow this link: https://smile.amazon.com/ch/31-1246476. Log on to your Amazon account and choose “Ann Simpson Davis Middle School PTO” as your charity and Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible Amazon Smile purchases to the PTO!KROGER:  Register for the Kroger Community Rewards: http://www.kroger.com/communityrewards; select Davis Middle School PTO as your Organization, Organization Number: VJ441

From Ginger Kockentiet to Everyone:  07:36 PM

Welcome to Dublin and Davis!  Please let us know if you need anything.

From Amy Starnes to Everyone:  07:38 PM

hi! thanks to all of you for your hard work keeping us all involved and informed. I was driving at the beginning😛😛

From Jennifer Talley to Everyone:  07:46 PM

Please email us davispto@gmail.com for any questions or ideas

From SJ Foster to Everyone:  07:46 PM

Where can we get info on the equity team for Davis?

Also, a shout out to the Davis Girls Tennis Coach – Stephanie Stinemetz for a great season and for encouraging the girls through the pandemic!

Dr. Perez also thanked all the Davis coaches and Athletic Director – John Bernans for a successful fall athletic season.  All winter athletics are a go.

Another shout out to Elaine Speilberg for a successful UnFundraiser.

SJ Foster asked a question about student safety following election day.

Meeting concluded at 7:48 pm

Next PTO General Meeting is Wednesday January 27, 2021 at 7 pm.

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