January 2021 PTO Meeting Minutes

DMS PTO Meeting

January 27, 2021

Virtual Zoom Meeting 7 pm


(Sign in sheet not available as meeting was virtual.  Secretary recorded names that appeared on Zoom call)

Tiffany Marr, Kristy Venne, Edmar Martin, Jason Snyder, Amy Starnes, Asch Mikhail, Natalie Rich, Venus Klochak, Tiffany deSilva, Elaine Spielberg, Andrea Chambers-Chrisp, Foster Family, Mrs. Rinker, Osamu Nabeya, Ann McCarty Perez, Anna, Melanie Gamez, Maria Dishop, Tisha Rinker, Jennifer Talley (20 total)

President’s Report – Tiffany Marr

Agenda, Icebreaker, Updates, Chat Box Q & A, Spring Spirit Wear, Academic Boosters, Parent Academic Council

Meeting called to order at 7 pm.  Tiffany welcomed everyone to the meeting.  She reviewed tonight’s agenda with the attendees.  

Tiffany encouraged participation from parents for the 2021-22 school year.  We are looking for help in multiple areas.  Also, with change in Fundraising, we are reimaging how and what we fund for next school year and moving forward. 

Academic Boosters are available to those students who meet requirements for Merit and Honor Roll.  Tiff Thum is the parent in charge of this program.  A letter will be mailed home to those students who qualify with instructions on how to purchase.  Signs are at school and will be picked up once paid for.

Spring Spirit Wear – Melanie Gamez gave an update.  We made approximately $200 on our November sale.  She is looking at having another sale this spring with new items.  Possibly have a new logo designed by a Davis student.  She recommended we shorten sale to two weeks and either increase pricing to include shipping or have items delivered to the school so that our profit margin improves.

Parent Academic Council – Tiffany deSilva provided on update.  The Parent Academic Council is composed of parent representatives from each school and works in conjunction with Jill Rinehart.  They currently meet quarterly. Recently the topic was online learning and discussing what is working.  Also, if you are interested in being on the interview team for the new Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for DCS, please reach out to Tiffany deSliva.

Principal’s Report – Dr. Ann Perez

Dr. Perez thanked the PTO for providing the dinner for conference night.  It was much appreciated.  

All 8th graders took the PSAT yesterday (Tuesday January 26) at Davis.  They also attended a High School counseling session and began the process of completing their high school schedule.   Schedule requests are due February 4.  Counselors are available via Google meet this week for questions.

Franklin County Educators will begin receiving Covid -19 vaccinations starting next week at 2 locations in Franklin County.  Teachers will sign up online and may need to leave school for a small portion of a day to get the shot.  Follow up vaccine will be in three weeks from 1st shot.  The Pfizer vaccine will be given.

Treasurer’s Report –  Ginger Kockentiet and Asch Mikhail

Current balances for PTO Checking and Savings were shared with the group. We currently have $1,707.57 in checking and $31,431.85 in savings.  We target to maintain one years expenses in reserve in preparation for years when we might not raise as much money. 

Asch commented that our spending has continued to go under review as income is down this year.  Continue to support Davis through Retailer Rewards programs offered by both Amazon and Kroger.  This is a super easy way to support our school.  Spirit Wear sale generated approximately $200.  We will continue to look for areas to financially support DMS when they don’t have the funds necessary.  

Large remaining expenses include the Davis PTO scholarships. We generally give 2 and can give up to 3 scholarships at $1000 each.   Also, PTO was able to connect a business sponsor for the upcoming Power of the Pen competition to be held at Davis on March 2021.

Secretary’s Report – Jennifer Talley

Jennifer presented the previous month’s meeting minutes for review and approval.  Tiffany shared the minutes with the group on the screen.  The minutes were also posted to our blog for review prior to this meeting.  No comments were made.  Minutes approved – 1st Dr. Perez, 2nd Jason Snyder.

If you need to contact the PTO, remember you can email us at ptodavis@gmail.com

Guest Speaker – Kristy Venne K-12 Career Education

Jennifer Talley introduced our speaker.

Kristy Venne is the K-12 Career Education Coordinator, and former Emerald Campus Director. She curates, creates, and shares career education resources and opportunities with students, staff, and families. Kristy collaborates with district staff to align k-12 career education opportunities for equity and consistency. She also works with community partners to provide career education learning opportunities for students such as guest speakers, programming, and clubs.

Kristy shared a visual presentation with us.  The goal of career education is to build a skill set so students are successful and independent.  The future of work looks different for today’s students.  We need to teach them how to learn; not a specific skill as things are changing rapidly.

  1. Become self Aware
  2. Connect to Careers
  3. Set a Goal
  4. Map it Out

Eight grade career week will be February 22 – 26.  It will occur Asynchronous and include a game to keep kids interested.  It will begin with a Keynote address on Monday.  Students can then explore career interest areas and take virtual tours Tuesday – Thursday.  Friday includes a Parent lunch and learn.  Students will be working to complete a 4 year draft education plan.

Question from a parent – What should a 7th or 8th grader be doing to prepare for an academy?  Kristy explained that some have prerequisites.  Interest area will guide decisions and ample time to explore options.  Generally students will attend Emerald Campus for a minimum of 2 periods a day for an academy.

Q & A – moderated by Tiffany Marr

Questions were posted to the Chat box on Zoom and also asked during conversation.


From Venus Klochak to Everyone:  06:58 PM


From Tisha Rinker to Everyone:  07:04 PM

No!  Would love to hear

From Maria Dishop to Everyone:  07:05 PM

I didn’t get one!  I want one 😊😊

From Tisha Rinker to Everyone:  07:07 PM

Melanie, do they have any green tie-dye print?

From Amy Starnes to Everyone:  07:09 PM

have you considered opening it up to the 4 elementary schools that will be Davis next year?

From Me to Everyone:  07:10 PM

Tisha, We can look into the green tie-dye print…fab idea

From Tisha Rinker to Everyone:  07:11 PM

@Amy, the elementary schools have their own spiritwear sales.  We bought Irish gear in elem

From Asch to Everyone:  07:12 PM

We should also look into shipping to the school for the entire order for student/parent pick-up outside.  That might help the cost and the profit margin.

From Tisha Rinker to Everyone:  07:12 PM

Asch, I love that idea

From Foster Family to Everyone:  07:13 PM

I’m sorry – the interview team would be active in who’s interview exactly?

From Amy Starnes to Everyone:  07:13 PM

right but they don’t have access to Davis specific gear

From Tiffany deSilva to Everyone:  07:13 PM

You can email me at Tiffanydesilva76@gmail.com if you are interested in serving on the Director of DEI interview team or have feed back on learning online.

From Asch to Everyone:  07:13 PM

Great idea about the Elementary schools feeding into Davis for Spiritwear

From Me to Everyone:  07:13 PM

Amy, are you wanting the 5th graders to contribute to the tshirt “competition”?

From Amy Starnes to Everyone:  07:19 PM

no. I think some parents with 5th graders might want Davis specific spirit wear.

From Ann McCarty to Everyone:  07:36 PM

DCS Career Connections site: https://www.dublinschools.net/domain/1183

From Tisha Rinker to Everyone:  07:43 PM

I was thinking that


When will sign up be for summer school for Health, Financial Lit?

From Venus Klochak to Everyone:  07:58 PM

thank you!

From Ann McCarty to Everyone:  07:58 PM

Thanks Kristy!

From Maria Dishop to Everyone:  07:59 PM


Meeting concluded at 8:02 pm

Next PTO General Meeting is Wednesday February 24, 2021 at 7 pm.

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