Fundraiser “Fun Fact Friday” – Davis PTO Officers!

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Davis Family,

We are excited about our Fundraiser this month and thought we would add some lighthearted fun to each Fundraiser Friday!

Don’t forget to donate to the “Better Together Fundraiser” at 99PLEDGES or SQUARE! We truly appreciate your generosity!

Here’s a few fun facts about: Davis PTO Officers.


  • Megen Lefferts, Secretary
    • I love to dance and wish I would have been a mascot!
    • My family and I have dance parties…!
    • One of my favorite things to do are toe touches off of the diving board!
    • I actually LOVE to clean!
  • Melinda Norfleet, Co-President
    • I grew up on a farm in Hocking Hills.
    • Ran a marathon – no sweat…
    • I swam with sharks!
    • I used to teach Middle School!
  • Sarah Smith, VP/Co-President Elect (“Better Together” Fundraiser Chair!)
    • My top 3 movies of all time all involve football (Remember the Titans, Varsity Blues, The Blind Side)!
    • I have known my best friend for 42 years, we met on the Kindergarten bus and I talk to her almost every single weekday morning.
    • Cleveland is my most favorite city on earth and I am a huge Browns fan (even during the 0-16 moments).
    • I love cold weather and snow…the more snow the better. There is NEVER enough snow for me!
  • Jill Nagy-Reynolds, Treasurer
    • I was in the Peace Corps in Romania from 1999 to 2001.
    • I enjoy learning about different cultures, especially through food!
    • I love learning about types of plants and flowers that benefit pollinators.
    • I LOVE Halloween!!
  • Tiffany Marr, Co-President
    • Born and raised in a government town in Tennessee known as “The Secret City” during the Manhattan Project of World War II.
    • I bleed ORANGE (and Scarlet) – A Tennessee Alum happily fashioned in Buckeyes!
    • My husband and I are movie buffs! But, if you and I are ever on a game show together, my absolute favorite movie is “The Five Heartbeats” – Hands Down!
    • In college, a group of us traveled to Omaha for a once-in-a-lifetime meeting with Warren Buffett. A decade later, I wrote him a letter (old school pen and paper!) about some of the work I was involved in…and he wrote me back!

We are Better Together!



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