April 15, 2020 PTO Meeting Minutes

Davis MS PTO
April 15, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Begin – 7:00PM Via Zoom

Attendees:  Tiffany deSilva, Noreen Marando, Asch Mikhail, Ginger Kockentiet, Dr. Ann Perez, Jason Synder, Marty Assman, Craig Haywood, Amy Starnes, Tisha Rinker, Ashley Oliver, Fatma Aykan

Welcome – Tiffany deSilva

Secretary’s Report – Noreen Marando

  • Noreen presented the November minutes for approval. Perez made a motion to approve, Mr. Snyder seconded.  All were in favor.
  • Noreen presented the January minutes for approval. Perez made a motion to approve, Mr. Snyder seconded.  All were in favor.

Principal’s Report – Dr. Ann Perez

  • E-learning is off to a good start. We had some early issues with Schoology but they have since added to their technology to improve performance. Teachers are using Google Meet and Zoom to connect with students. District and Davis is tracking which students have connected and which have not.  Davis is reaching out to those families to see what they can do to help the students.  We have about 30 out of 1100 that have not engaged.  A few were due to internet and the district remedied those situations by providing hotspots.
  • Grading email was sent out by the district today. Please see email for details. The group provided some feedback on the pros/cons of the district’s decision. None of the options considered were perfect.
  • End of Year award ceremonies will be limited – all Middle Schools agreed to this. Davis will focus on presenting the Patriot, Archie and Citizenship awards.  Living the Irish Way awards will focus on 8th graders only now.  The 6th and 7th graders will be honored in the fall upon returning to school.
  • 8th grade DC trip was cancelled. Refunds will begin to be sent out from the travel company on May 12th – this is due to the amount of refunds they are issuing to all of their customers.
  • The kids seem to be enjoying and participating in the weekly Irish challenges.
  • Wifi is coming to all school parking lots beginning with the high schools in the next 2 weeks. You can access Davis wifi from in the building just by sitting in the vestibule area currently.

Treasurer’s Report– Ginger Kockentiet, Asch Mikhail

  • Checking balance is $14,008.96. No change to Savings.
  • Our DMS Square was provided to Chapman for the use at their Carnival as theirs was not working. We then issued them a check for the funds.
  • We participated in the evaluation of the PTO Presidents Scholarships review process. Chun was the Scioto recipient. (Each high school has one recipient).  Ginger and Asch will look into if we made our contribution for these scholarships.
  • We provided 2 Irish Way scholarships for $1000 each – one to J. Chun and one to A. Woodberry. These are paid directly to the universities these students are attending.
  • Grant Requests – none have been received. Will look at this process and the forms over the summer.  Perez suggested having 2 grant windows for next year.
  • Perez mentioned that 6th grade tshirts will be purchased over the summer (instead of now). These will be giving to incoming 6th graders during their fall orientation.  We expect 371 6th graders next year at this point (the current class of 6th graders is 359).
  • Ginger and Asch to follow up with J. Talley regarding audit.

President’s Report – Tiffany deSilva

  • Review of Executive Board / Committee Leaders
    • Noreen to confirm with J. Talley regarding Secretary role
    • Still looking for vice president, library coordinator and fall fundraising
  • Group discussed ways to honor Davis staff for Staff Appreciation week. There are 137 staff at Davis.
  • 8th grade celebration discussed. Group agreed to postpone decision until we are clear about what is happening through the end of the school year.
  • School supply sale is to be determined as the company cannot guarantee delivery dates at this time due to current circumstances. Perez will have the lists completed in the next few weeks.
  • Hoadley’s next virtual coffee will take place on Facebook on April 21st at 7 pm.
  • Next Meeting- May 15 evening zoom meeting. Board elections will take place.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm

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